Checkrail EVWR1 Track?


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Freah install of TS12. Installed Checkrail EVWR1 (new route) and all of the track is missing. Just the usual white dashed lines. Does anyone know what track that route takes?
Could be the track hasn't caught it's sub dependencies on the first pass through CMP. See if you can identify the track used, isolate it and set it to download or right click the item to list dependencies in case one of those has a missing sub-dependency. It happens...
I would check too if the track is open for edit. This too can cause assets not to show up as a missing dependency.

Well, it was the install that "skipped" over several items. Using the missing dependencies function I was able to get them and download them ok. Can't see anymore track or texture isues now. -- Thanks
Glad you got sorted Dick! TS12 not downloading DLS dependencies is a known issue and for some reason the track used on the EVWR routes is a favourite candidate for it to miss.....
Just a side note - I am running TS12 and TANE on Windows 10. No issues with these programs but some with using the IMAP email protocol.
It is Spring and getting prep'd for the Summer release of 10.