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A week back I had posted asking how to make junctions as scenery objects. Well, I've learned and made one to fit 3.5-spaced track plans in yards and such. I have an invisible mesh, with attached track. 'Why don't you just make the junctions yourself?", you may ask. Well, I'm extremely troubled by track spacings that are not perfect. And, in this case, my worst enemy is a junction. These used to cause me much trouble before I knew about scenery junctions. Anyways, how do you change these junctions and turntables in surveyor, with a click (most likely with script)? I've heard that these scenery junctions don't work well with AI and signals, is this true? I really want my route to be good. I hope that there is a premade version of a plain, attached-track scenery junction, but has changeable track direction in Surveyor. Doubt it, but hope that it's added in T:ANE, along with "Improved Surveyor Features".

If this isn't possible, is it possible to use a spline point of an attached-track scenery object as a junction vertex?
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I don't seem to be getting help. [MODS, PLEASE MOVE THIS THREAD TO CONTENT CREATION/SCRIPTING FORUM]. I've narrowed it down to a bug, anyway. If you try to add another track at a fixed-track vertex that already has a spline track, it won't join. You have to drag a spline track INTO the fixed-track vertex, you can't pull another spline out of an FT vertex that already has a spline track.

Then, a trackside junction lever appears, but the typical green-red arrow doesn't. This junction isn't direction-changeable in Surveyor.

The junction, with a locomotive approaching, is changeable, but instead of a green and red arrow, a red and red arrow appears. The junction functions perfectly fine, with full interactions with signals and trains. But, the junction lever doesn't swing from back to front either.

Basically, the only problem with this object as a whole, is that the junction arrows don't show in Surveyor, and in Driver, the arrows only appear as 2 red arrows, no green. The lever doesn't change when the direction is changed, either. Otherwise, the junction functions as normal.

The facts point out that most likely, being able to change direction is a bug, and that there ISN'T supposed to be a junction/lever/arrow when junctions are formed at FT vertices. However, in the event that it isn't a bug, is it possible to script the fixed-track object to be able to have proper junctions at vertices, or allow junctions through a (hidden) tag in CCP?
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Quick update, did some more under-the-hood inspection, found out some things that might be interesting.

I had run a train over the switch, and the train took the first-laid track route first. There was no indication via arrows or junction lever about which direction the the track is set to.

... So I had the idea to look on the mini-map to determine which direction the junction was pointed. I expected the 2 red arrows, but to my surprise...

There way a 3-way junction! I could change the junction in external view, but not on the mini-map. No matter which direction the junction was actually set, the mini-map always showed it pointing straight. I'm even more confused now. I see it more of as a bug, too. Is there a way to script the fixed track to avoid this problem?