Central Pennsylvania Lumber Company (35 pictures!)


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Central Pennsylvania Lumber Company (29 pictures!)

Thats the current working title of my revamped Knoebel Lumber Company route. The current work i'm putting into it was inspired by Prowler's newly released D&RGW K-36 (yet, ironically, the K-36's are too big for the PLC's turntables :p)

The route should be released in a few days. I've finally got to the stage where i can post screenshots, so....here we go!

(click for full size)

An empty coal train arrives at the coal mine at Locust Summit. The route is fictionous, but all the locations are real places connected with the coal or lumber industry.

Dropping its train of empty cars off.

Taking a spin on the turntable before coupling up to a set of loaded cars for the trip back down the mountain.

Going down.

Hitting the trestle over Fishing Creek.

Passing the station and other buildings at the Ricketts Hotel (while 2 employees find time to play a game of checkers).

to be continued...
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part 2.

"Track speed". A logging branch is visible in the middle shot.

The station at Jamison City. The name of the station still needs to be changed, and i'll post more pictures of this location later, as i just recently moved the big lumber mill out of this town to somewhere else.

Crossing the creek again just outside of town.

Passengers waiting for their train at Eyers Grove. Too bad this isn't it. :p

Hitting more open country.

Descending into the town of Stillwater, where the railroad interchanges with the Philadelphia & Reading.

on to part 3...
Part 3.

Coming into the yard in Stillwater, the end of the journey for the coal train.

The coal transfer tracks and turntable at the end of the yard. The small 2-8-0 waits as back-up power. (and yes, that default standard gauge track will be changed)

A small tank engine works in the yard. Besides the man on horseback, the standard guage P&R passenger train is visible in the distance.

Closer up, with both company's passenger trains occupying each side of the station. (the P&R engine is a 4-4-0 Camelback, which the cab sitting astride the boiler in the middle of the engine :cool:).

The PLC train ready to depart. In addition to serving local residents, the train transports vacationers coming off the P&R train to the secluded Ricketts Hotel.

Taking on both water and passengers at Eyers Grove. All the passenger stations and water towers are interactive on the route.

Running for Jamison City and the Ricketts Hotel. (logged out area visible in the middle shot)

to be concluded...
Part 4

Before stopping (reversing back to) the station, the engineer treats the passengers to a few moments high up on the Fishing Creek Trestle.

Well, thats all for now.
I'll post more when i get the remaining areas done. Those include Jamison City and the large lumber mill at the other end of the line. The logging branches i didn't show because i didn't do nearly as much (re)work on them.

Hope you guys enjoyed them all. :)


Nice, very nice indeed!!

Thanks for posting these shots, it's very great to see how Trainz still can be tweaked to look this great when a master creator is at work!
Way better then what I been able to pull out of Trainz.

Best wishes

:eek: :eek: :eek:

This. Is. Amazing.



Sorry, but waiting for CMP to Update the Trainz Asset Database for 25 hours and thus causing a lack of trainz time on my end is starting to affect me...
This makes my routes / layouts pathetic in quality. Fantastic in appearance and realism.

Can wait to see it on the DLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Great looking screenshots. I've enjoyed the original a great deal. Thanks for all the hard work.

Ok. Here is the next set of shots i promised, this time focusing somewhat on log and lumber operations.

Some of you may remember if you ever downloaded my old "Knoebel Lumber" route that it had four logging camps located on three seperate branches. Well, everything is essentially the same in this version...until you get to the mill. ;)

We'll start out with the log trains. Geared locomotives bring the log trains down the branches to the main yard at Jamison City.

A train coming down the Beaver Run branch...crossing the animated stream!

Another coming off the Buck Mountain branch.

The yard at Jamison City. The main engine and car facilities are located here (and sand, water, and coal are all interactive).

From here K-27 Mikados take the log trains over the mainline to the mill.

"Downtown" Jamison. The buildings on the left now occupy the spot of the old lumber mill, and include a rail served brewery and carpentry shop.

Train passing through the yard in Stillwater. The first picture shows off some of the new autumn highlights.

On to part 2...
Part 2.

The mill (in its new location).

Most of the lumber is shipped out on the standard gauge line, but some goes back to Jamison City, while the bark is collected and shipped back into the tannery in Stillwater where its used in the tanning process (as was actually done in the real Jamison City).

And now....waterfalls. :D

I reworked much of the trackside creeks, and added some visual flare to some areas to give the area the real reason it attracted visitors (any eastern PA citizen should recognize the "Ricketts" name connection almost immediately). All the waterfalls and whitewater areas are animated. If you want to see for yourself, search "whitewater demo" on the DLS and check them out!

The big one. The main reason people come to the Ricketts Hotel.

Swisher Falls, named after my uncle who initially showed me where all the real (and often hidden) falls are located in this part of the state.

There are also several more smaller waterfalls and rapids located along the line. In most areas you should hear water trickling or rushing along as you run your trains.

And one last picture. Remember kids..."Danger - Do not Trespass on this Bridge"! :p

The route is essentially in Beta status right now. Hopefully it will be up on the USLW site in a few days (and just maybe the DLS in a little while).

A Deal!

Could we make a deal? Instead of the next set of pics please just send me the layout, I can't stand it any longer!! lol
Looking forward to it.
The route is now available from USLW. :D

Just go into the "Downloads" section, then "Routes" to find it.

And please bare with me with any problems or questions you have, as i'm a bit rushed right now with getting the R&N route ready for release as well (and doing a Trainz-on-the-Road show).

Anyway, i hope everyone has as much fun running the route as i did making it! :)

Downloaded the missing content I needed, and took my first look.

It has a great scheme and feel.

Few minor adjustments here and there are needed, but easily anyone can do it who downloads. One is a car bridge issue near Stillwater Yard. Second is your one turn-about loop was never graded and the track goes thru a hillside.
Second is your one turn-about loop was never graded and the track goes thru a hillside.

Its supposed to be that like:cool:. The AI is the only one that is supposed to go back there, as i intented the AI to operate the standard gauge line, while the user works the narrow gauge line alongside.
Beautiful route. I've downloaded it and now have everything except kuid 148561:25005 by joxemai. I have no idea where to get it. Any ideas?