Cars don,t install


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Hi I just downloaded these cars from jointed rail.
BN ACF Boxcar 4 Pack
Cylindrical Hopper Pack
CSX 50'ACF Boxcar 1
CSX Covered Hopper Pack
When i go to install them. I get a Error: Dependency is unknown.
This is the kuid <kuid2:45324:25503:1> mesh-asset
Iam running TS2012. Hope someone can help me out here. Thanks:(
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This is one of them. I have it as a dependency of these three reefers.
I'm not sure where it came from but the reefers are from Lilb.

PFE R-40-2 Reefer Mesh Library,<kuid:103021:100069>

Reefer BURR Auto# (20250-20499) 3-Skins,<kuid:103021:16000>
Reefer 40ft PFE Auto# R-40-2 Reefer Late (Skins),<kuid:103021:100067>
40ft Reefer PFE Auto# R-40-2 Reefer Early (Skins),<kuid:103021:100059>

Edit: The Reefer mesh probably comes from here:

<kuid2:45324:25503:1>. This is the new JR EOT mesh from the JointedRail site. You have to DL it from there. See Posts #24 & #25 of the release thread under Freeware.
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