Car Factory


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Anyone know of a decent factory with an industry line to load unload cars, many thanks for your help as always.
I would like to suggest you this: take any combination of buildings you like and combine it with a multi-industry track :).
Some thing like this?

Wow thats impressive, ok was thinking along those lines but didnt know if there was a dedicated car factory some where, thanks for your help, ill give it a go.
There are a couple of Car factory yards on the DLS by zatovisualworks. They have visual cars that have loading tracks and a visual unload for goods track.
Look for Chrysler and Seat and you will find them. Both have Mercedes cars as well.
You just need to place an appropriate building with them.
Don't forget my "Build-A-Facility" assets. Blank buildings, Overhangs, Docks, Overhead Doors, Windows, etc. etc. You can combine any number of them to make your own factory.