Cannot place any trackside objects anymore T:ANE sp1


Since a day or two I have a strange problem. I cannot place/add any trackside objects anymore. From signals to junctions (built-in and dls). All previously placed trackside objects are there. I can even use "get" command. I can delete them but not place them. Already deleted/rebuilt the cache and libraries but no luck. Did a search on the forums but couldn't find anyting. So..any ideas?
Version is T:ANE sp1 build 84204

Tx in advance.
It's a bug...

Open up your track splines for edit in Content Manager.

If you have lots of them, open a few at a time.

Submit these once opened.

Repeat until you have done them all.

For built-ins/payware open for edit and then revert to original.

This has been reported along with my solution (workaround) so N3V is aware of it. I found out the hard way too with this one.
I also just ran into this problem...
It needs to be fixed as its a pain to do John's fix if you use multiple track types :(
But thanx for your fix John it helps for now :)