Cable For SanDixc

Not to be flippant, but it depends on the SanDisk you have. They have USB thumb drives (USB-2, USB-3, USB-mini); flat ones with a double-row of tiny sockets; tiny, thin disks for a phone/camera, etc.

Some laptops and desktops have a set of sockets for a bunch of different pluggable disks.

To add another flippant question, why? Are you trying to save Trainz data to an external location and then load it onto another computer? If those computers are on the same network, it would be easier to just use the network to transfer data.
A picture of the connector might stop us all trying to guess what it could be, the closer the better. Peter
USB thumb drives or sticks always plug into a USB port in the Computer which is usually a USB A Port which is the most common one on Computers, if it doesn't fit then you have probably got one with a USB C plug in which case you would need a USBA to C adapter.

The SanDisk USB3 ones I have actually have USBA on one end and USBC on the other, you have to slide the cover to see the alternative plug.
A late thanks for all the responses.
Due to age I do not feel confident "just trying something". Problems more dramatic when you can't remember how to recover from something.
Is there a PC to PC process or should a transfer be done via something like the Drive storage Microsoft offers?
I was also considering using a USB memory that has some backups on it.

Trainz 2018 has been loaded on the new PC, and works. Just did a normal download for that.

That San Disc device does not have a normal male connector. Rather it is a female connector and not USB.
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Again thanks for the inputs. I have opted for using two external USB drives via CDPs as transport to the new PC. Watching the ceremony from the UK while the many files are placed in the new PC.

I remember watching Queen Elizabeth's coronation in B&W via the old Telstar satellite.