Built in SP SD45 horn sound not working

It's working for me (in TANE, looking at your moniker). That's built-in payware so all that can be done (which should be sufficient to fix the problem) is to look for missing/faulty dependencies (and it has MANY dependencies) or revert. For sounds they use <kuid2:200202:53645:2> "EMD 20-645E3 Engine Sounds" and <kuid2:45324:53004:3> "EMD 16-645 diesel engine sounds", respectively.
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I tried reverting the horn file <kuid2:37581:1072:2> "Nathan OCP3 #2". After doing so, I go into the file and click on the horn_loop files to see if they work, but they still don't unfortunately.
In my installation of TANE with SP3 the builtin <kuid2:37581:1072:1> Nathan OCP3 #2 (installed, payware) is broken. The .wav files aren't recognized by any of my sound programs. Download <kuid2:37581:1072:4> Nathan OCP3 #2 from the DLS, it has working sound files.