Broken Locomotive running numbers & headcodes... Please Help!


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Hi all,
Okay so recently I noticed that some of if not most of the locos I downloaded from the DLS are having issues with numbers and headboards, particularly locos and carriages from Edh6 and others where they either show up blank, or a completely different name & number to what I've selected (which is how hilariously odd creations such as the LNER numbered BR Blue Scotsman came about)
Upon some of my own troubleshooting, I have tried to find a solution by selecting the "LNER" or "LSWR" or (Insert option here" to get the names to work, but for some odd reason some of the models like to be stubborn keeping a default name and/or number despite selecting a different one.
This has been an ongoing thing for about a week now, and I'm not too sure if it has anything to do with the update.
Any help would be much appreciated!

I just recently had this issue as well. I've been trying to figure it out for the past week but to no avail. I had dm'd edh6 on discord to see if he knew anything on it. The only thing he knew was to make sure Max compatibility was on, which being a trainz vet of sorts know it's a must to keep it on. I haven't had any luck fixing it yet, but gonna keep trying
I figured out a fix a while ago. Turns out after SP3 patch it locked it onto "Max Performance" instead of "Max compatability." A Hard restart of the game fixed it.
Glad the issue is sorted for tamkowald. Unfortunately certain bits of superscript don't work in later versions of the game unless you use compatibility mode. My newest releases and updates use custom scripts that work in all modes, but it will take me a long time to upgrade everything!
edh6: write a custom library that runs everything, and update your vehicles to use the library. The next time you need to update everything, just release an updated library and everything is fixed all at once. You`ll only need to redo the vehicles again when the INTERFACE between the core and vehicles changes. Much easier, no?