BR Class 800


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I am trying to download BR Class 800 . When I do I am told that there is an obsolete dependence (passengers). I am told by Auran that there is an updated dependence. Does any one know how to install?
OK. Sorry, I was trying to address the issue stated there: "I am trying to download but I cannot use it because there is a missing dependency Prod Passengers 2012."
I was thinking if it listed that as a dependency, downloading one or more would fix the issue. Have you checked the KUID list at the bottom of the config.txt to see if one of the KUIDs is listed there? It may be a leftover somehow. I will try to download that asset and have a look.
In CM select the train and right-click it. Select show dependencies recursively. Locate the obsolete asset and right-click and download this version. Because Prod passenger 2020 has obsoleted 2012 the download is looking for the newest version which is 4.8 and not compatible with your version.