Blurry boxcars


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Would like some help to know what I'm doing wrong, have updated all dependencies and lib's library's . and I still have this ? Even deleted and re installed.
...called Texture Detail in Trainz Settings.

Jeez if you want to bump up your post count at least put some effort into it.
I would make sure you have the latest versions of the boxcars from installed.
I do have all the latest up dates, have cleaned out the caches. And these are of the older one. But all his other work fine, this may have started with a with a up date to trainz ? Has anyone else have this?:confused:

But I sometimes miss the simple fix. With me it's not that I can't give something a try, but why of the other not having the same issue, that's got me scratching my head. :hehe: We'll I'll keep looking, thanks