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NOTE/Disclaimer: This thread pertains to freeware North American content only. I realize there is some good non-North American content being made by some newer creators.

I've noticed over the years (2004-1015) that I've been using Trainz that the creators of "new" content for North American locomotive/rolling stock for Trainz has steadily declined. We have several reskinners who do good jobs on existing content but I don't consider that as "new" content. New means scratch built, even if it is an item that basically duplicates an item someone else has already released. Even better are items that previously did not exist, such as the CF7 and ES44AC Tier 4 unit from DaveSnow. Before DaveSnow released the CF7 there had been several who announced they were doing a CF7 only to have it go to "vaporware". I think the lack of creators for North American content poses a major problem to the long term survivability of Trainz/TANE or whatever they choose to call it going forward.

With that in mind, I'd like to know who you would nominate in the following categories. I'm defining "currently active" as someone having released for download, via the DLS or other site, at least 1 item since April, 2014. I've already entered my nominations below in each category.

Category 1: Best currently active NEW Content Creator (Locomotive/Rolling Stock):


Category 2: Best currently active NEW Content Creator (Scenery Items):


Category 3: Best currently active Creator of NEW Locomotive/Rolling Stock Components:


Category 4: Best currently active "Reskinner" (Locomotive/Rolling Stock):


Category 5: Best currently active Upgrader of North American Scenery and/or Locomotive/Rolling Stock:



Category 1: As for DaveSnow, he has been just about the only releaser of new locomotive and rolling stock items lately. If he retires it will create a great hole in the content arena. I just cannot say enough about his contributions.

Category 2: Look at all the structures DaveSnow has created. He has released over 1000 items in Categories 1-3 in the last 12 months, mostly of his creation. Colorado71 has also been releasing new sets of North American trees and Bendorsey is probably king of late 19th century content.

Category 3: With the new locos most often come new components (bogies, cabs, etc.).

Category 4: This (IMO) is the most competitive category. I choose David because of the quality of his locomotive reskins. Davesnow also reskins versions of his original creations that are quite good but I thought, being somewhat of a liberal, I'd
"spread the wealth around" a little. BTVFD is right in there with them as well.

Category 5: N8PHU has done a lot of upgrading of SPORBUST, CNR, etc., content over the past 2 years to get them up to TS-12 standards. He previously was active in creating and releasing new Alco locomotives. I usually send him an annual email pertaining to A&M Alco locos. In September 2012 I asked him what he would charge to make me an Alco C420 in Arkansas & Missouri paint. He replied that he was already working on a C420 (50% complete) with a T-6 in its early stages. In October, 2013 he replied that he was recovering some medical issues (on a cane) but considered the A&M C420 a "necessity" given the arrival of the A&M SD70ACe's. In March 2014 I received an email that he was 80% done but having some alpha channel problems. I've not received a reply to my latest (2Feb15) email. That said, he has been very busy through February 2015 releasing Category 5 content.
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I don't think you shod be posting this it may bring bad determiner and piss off many Content Creators you shod be fair to everyone not just a sliced few its alot of work making something and some us will take fiance to this, just saying.:eek:
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I'll have to agree with dragonharh. A nomination-based contest to find "the best" may prove to do more harm than good. Content creators should only be publically judged if they're asking for critiques with their models, not in a way to find which creator is "better" than the rest.

We all have our opinions on the content available to us via the DLS. But this is unnecessary.
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