Bench work?


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I may be missing something (I usually am), but is there any way in surveyor mode to limit the amount of available space?

I bought TRS 2006 (very cool by the way) to help me imagine how to build out the 20' x 12' layout that I have not actually started building yet (other than some bench work). Sooooo..

Is there any way to limit the space available in Surveyor to match the space limits of my basement?

Is there any way to re-scale the grids into something more real world (e.g., 1 grid = 12")

Any information most appreciated!
What you see is what you get on the boards. I don't believe you can rescale the grids either. What you can do is set the scale of the route when you first create it to HO (or other scale) instead of real world. There are some ruler tools in surveyor that may help you at that point to define the limits of your available space.
When I created a model in TRS, I just painted the unwanted space black, which I think is the best that can be done. If you wanted to make the board invisible, you could place loads of digholes (search Andi06 on DLS), but you can still walk across the area and build on it.