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Hey all, got a quick question for you. I have a route I'm working on (in TRS12) and it's big... REALLY BIG!! (as in 851.89MG...) So... I'm thinking about removing a multitude of baseboards (As it's a TransDEM generated map and is completely square) to help cut it down to size. But to help along that process I'm wondering if there is a way to delete multiple baseboards at a time? If not I have no qualms about doing it one by one, it would just take a very... VERY long time. :confused:

Anyway, any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again!
The big sad answer is NOPE!

We've asked for this ability for over a decade and it has never appeared.

We keep wishing though, however, in T:ANE you can zoom out really far which makes the process easier.

Since you are using TS12, zoom out far enough to see your baseboard outlines, but still close enough to see your cursor.

Click in the middle of a baseboard and remove the one you want. Being zoomed out will move you along pretty quickly. What I do chose an area and remove that and move on to the next until I have what I want.

When removing baseboards, make sure you have a backup copy first and you save often. There is no undo for removing a baseboard.
Make a clone of the route, and rename the config file Username line slightly different than the original route

Work on the clone ... You can delete one baseboard at a time by holding down on the Enter key, and clicking the mouse button

Use the Minimap to click on a corner of the baseboard that is furthest away from your desired keep baseboard zone

You can use averted vision, watching the minimap, to click on several baseboards in a row

If you click on a 4 corner intersection of 4 baseboards, you can oftentimes delete 4 baseboards rapidly, in a row

It goes pretty fast and I have deleted 10,000 baseboards in a several hour period of time, @ 10 per minute

Start deleting @ 10 baseboards away from the tracks ... later on carefully whittle it down to 7-8 baseboards away from each side of the tracks

Be very careful when getting close to the area that you do wish to keep

After checking, and rechecking your work many times, SAVE multiple times, after deleting several hundreds of baseboards

Always keep a backup copy CDP of the original route, on an external hard drive, in case you seriously messed up and want to revert back to the original route
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