Baltic Tank - cmburgess


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Though I'm still relatively new to Trainz, I'm starting to learn how to edit in order to make older content work in TS12. However, these locos have me defeated with a pair of kuids - Unknown Location: <kuid2:142268:50014:1> & Unknown Location: <kuid2:142268:50015:1>.

Can anybody point me to usable substitutes for these two defunct assets? Thanks in advance

No trace anywhere that I can see, however If you look at the config you can see that they are the bogies. There is a Baltic Main bogie kuid2:142268:50011:2
I'm guessing that as Chris's Baltics are updates of sdarks Baltics, then the bogies for those should work and they also appear to have been updated looking at the build versions.
The original bogey for the cmburgess Baltic Tank KUID2:142268:50011:2 is on the DLS. However it is for Trainz Classics 1&2 so you will have to tick all the boxes or at least down to TRS2004.