Back in the saddle again


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:) Hello.....good to post after being gone for a few years. I hope some of my friends here are still around and doing well.

My Colorado .....North Central Colorado route of the Front Range and Greeley Subdivision which I intended to share with the community took a nose dive a few years ago when an external hard drive became "corrupted" which contained all the photo's I had taken a few years to put together; up and down the entire north-central region of Colorado and southern Wyoming that I felt were needed to complete this huge task on a realistic level that I could feel very good about.
The photos were being used to make content, including all scenery, buildings, structures, backdrops, track and rolling stock exclusive to this route. The thoughts of my carelessness leaving my photo files collection vulnerable led to depression and anguish I couldn't grasp so I just put the whole project on shutdown mode.

Passing time has helped to heal so I can now get back to work and make some progress as stamina allows.
There's no way I can physically get to these remote areas anymore, but when I can afford to buy a drone for taking pictures, I might be able to make due. :)

I've got Trainz 2012 which runs well on my PC and I'm back working on the route with the help of the better graphics of today's Google Earth.

Anyway, grateful for the opportunity to say hello and I will post new screenshots soon.
God bless.
Might not remember me Jim but i do remember your route and the progress pic's very well great too see you back in the saddle mate and i look forward too seeing you work on your route again.
Cheers Mick.:wave:
Always good to see someone come back JimDep so a special greeting from me as you are unaware I happen to live in the centre of the universe.
Thanks guys... I used to post here and read posts on a a daily basis and had some fun joking around. I've always admired and appreciated the talented content creator's talent and generosity, something that should be said more often. Trainz became more of than a hobby for me, it opened up a serious love for railroading and a connection with local railroad history.
Regarding T:ANE, I'm pretty sure my computer wouldn't run it well, otherwise I'd purchase it. The graphics especially are very impressive. It's obvious to me that Trainz development team is very passionate about the quality and vision they have to continue to reach new levels as technology allows. If only my home PC could evolve at the same pace ! :) I look forward to bumping into old community friends and hopefully making some new one's too. Now I'll take a few minutes to look around the yard. Whoa...I guess my signature is clue of how long it's been...
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Dear Jim

Just spotted this thread and I'm very relieved to read it. When you went silent a few years ago, I didn't know the reason and actually suspected the worst. :confused: Hope you can get a PC that runs T:ANE.

~ Deane
Hi Deane !
So good to see you're still here ! I enjoyed collaborating with you before and I still have the silos you made for me in my route. The additional cobwebs collected in the last few years adds to the realism. The last time I checked, your trashed sofa is still on the porch of that mobile home in the park next to that remote spur.
Been a long time..sorry I disappeared so fast without notice...physical problems from the botched surgery put me in a bad spot. Still trying to cope, but will visit here more frequently. Hope to say hi to Euphrod too if he's still coming around.
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Hi Woody ! Glad to know you're still here and thanks for checking in. You're probably older now, than the last time we typed.
Indeed, Jim. 22 now, 23 in January. Still living in TN, working as a conductor with RJ Corman now. I love it! Crazy enough, still working in this dang simulator...I haven't thrown it out the window yet!
Indeed, Jim. 22 now, 23 in January. Still living in TN, working as a conductor with RJ Corman now. I love it! Crazy enough, still working in this dang simulator...I haven't thrown it out the window yet!

Hey, you're in your twenties now. Your posts were always so enthusiastic when you first became a member here and you showed interest in what others were doing, asking good questions and then, it seems like no time at all, you were answering questions and helping new people coming in. So now you're a conductor ! I'm proud of ya, but not surprised. What a great career you have ahead of you, and I know you'll make the best of it. Toast to YOU ! Cheers. :)