Aw snap


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I think i'm seeing a trend in my computers today.

Earlyer this morning while in trainz playing on the UKBL demo route, my 19" monitor went blank. I couldn't revive it at all. I nded up having to toss the 19" and use the 18" that origonally came with the comp.

I brushed that aside, the monitor was a hand-me down from my mom, it wasn't that big of a deal (its only 1"). But a few hours ago my soundcard died unexpectedly, once again unable to revive. then my ATi radeon started popping up error messages (but didn't fail). and finally windows vista has started this strange habit. "window explore has stopped working" "attemping to restart" then screen goes blank and everything comes back.

I think the monitor died by shear chance but any explination to the other parts? My moms gunna kill me when she finds i killed the computer. Its not even a year old yet!
If "Its not even a year old yet", get it back to where you bought it & let them sort it.
That is what guarantees are for.
Yup. Guarantees are your best freind with computer stuff. :D

My computer has a guarantee of 5 years, it end in 2012 I think. I'm clear in case anything blows up.

Just do what BLACKWATCH said. Send it to the store you bought it at and tell them it just went "Boom."

its a dell that i ordered online. They messed up on the order (sent me a single core instead of a dual-core, and then sent me an ATi Radeon instead of the NVidea I ordered.) and it took them 3 months to deliver.

I was right, my mom almost killed me for it. Shes talking to dell right now. (but i doubt "same-same" over in india is gunna be much help...)

Somehow an apple is coming into focus in my head (hint hint)
ok, i unplugged the soundcard and pluged it back in and now its working again.....

My older sister in San Diego (a tech wizz) says i should unplug everything and plug everything except the extra stuff i put it back in and see what it does