Are there still steam locos built in China?


I know for certain that mainline steam loco building has stopped for good in China:( but are the SY industrial class (or others) still being rolled out of the works? Brand new? WileeCoyote originally posed the question and I know he is not alone in wondering...

I'm not sure. A few years ago word was going around that China's steam loco factories still churned out about one loco a month, but China's been on a modernizing rampage ever since they introduced their first diesel-electric, so it's quite possible that the steam shops are now closed.

However, I'm fairly certain that other, very remote parts of the world still see steam loco design and construction. I saw a recent design for a new sugar-cane fueled locomotive to be used in Africa (at least, I think it was Africa) and a few very small locomotives are still being hand-made for various remote farms in parts of Africa and South America.

Here is a page listing various steam developments around the world. Apparently there are still some larger corps churning out specialty-made steamers, including one Hunslet Engine Company in the UK (who made two quaryy 0-4-0's recently.)

-Chris (tm)
AFAIK China stopped building steam locos a few years ago & are currently slaughtering them at a very fast rate with many fairly new machines being scrapped, a bit like when BR wasted all that taxpayers money on junk like class 40s, 44s etc and let excellent locos like 9Fs, Britannias etc go to waste when still practically new.:)