Anyone recognize the brand of petrol for these pumps?

Just modelling a derelict service garage that I saw in Boolaroo, a suburb of Newcastle (Australia). I'm guessing it was operational up until about the early 1990's since the corrugated steel walls at the back are relatively recent, but the building was probably there since the 1940's.

So I'm wondering what brand of petrol/gasoline it might have sold. All I have to go by are the colours on the old pumps, but they don't ring any bells with me. Any fellow Aussies care to have an educated guess?

~ Deane

Hi D_R

I am not too sure about Aussie but they look very like Plume pumps were in NZ. Plume was either a forerunner or was taken over by Mobil, this is going back to about 1958 or 1959 I think.

Not sure on the brand, but the pump model is a "Gilbarco Salesmaker" dating to the very end of the 50s and rolling into the 60s. Can try googling images of painted versions of those to find a match.
Thanks for the thoughts so far.

Opus, you're correct about the Gilbarco pumps. The logo is clearly readable on my original photos and that info about the model helps me put a date on the building (this is like archaeology isn't it?). I'll take up your suggestion and Google on Gilbarco pumps and see what comes up.

Bill, I never heard of Plume, but I only lived in Victoria and NSW. It could have been in other states, not sure.

NSWGR_46Class, I wondered about Golden Fleece too, but looking at old images on Google, it seems like their pumps were almost always yellow on top, blue on the bottom.

As you can see on my screenie, these ones have yellow, red and a bit of white (possibly Shell?) but one of the pumps has red, white and blue (Mobil, Ampol?). Seems like a mish-mash. Perhaps they went through a number of brand changes over time, I don't know.

Here's a view from the other side;

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Off topic, but whats the bridge in the back ground? Is it one of your items? The pumps look great by the way. :)
IDK how things are done in OZ, but something I've tried here with mixed results is doing a search, both online and locally, for newspaper bits about the address. IDK how likely it is that anyone in OZ is cataloging old newspapers, but if they have, I'd bet that a gas station that old had ads printed at some point for it with the address....

After that, all I can surmise is that the station probably changed owners a few times, went through several coats of paint, and since abandonment these various colors have come back out.... Just don't lick them, lead poisoning sucks....

Edit: Along Chadd's line of thinking, what Texture is that on the ground around the Pumps?

..newspaper bits about the address.

Edit: Along Chadd's line of thinking, what Texture is that on the ground around the Pumps?


Newspapers. That could be a good angle to search on, I'll try that.

The grass texture is from motorbreath of RR Mods, but it's on the DLS I believe. RRM Grass 09 2048, <kuid:393523:100272>.
Check this photo out: Shell Dealer magazine - Salesmakers.jpg

Looks like Shell stations alternated white and yellow plus the "SUPER" on the far left pump looks to be a match for the Shell pump. The right one doesn't fit that theory though.

Nothing's definitive, but I'm also leaning towards Shell for the pair of pumps on the same concrete pad.

The single pump on the other pad looks like a local brand called Ampol because of the red on front and blue on the sides.


Perhaps because it's so indeterminate, I should just name the garage after its location rather than brand of petrol...
No newspapers found, but I did find an older photo. Whenever this was taken, the windows had not yet been boarded up, the electricity is still connected and there's a vehicle parked at the side, so presumably it could have still been in operation.

Pumps were all yellow/white at this stage, maybe Shell then. Like I said, for fear of getting it wrong, I'll probably name the asset by location anyway. Thanks all for your suggestions.

Do you recognize the Green Circle Logo on the door at all?

Further, it looks like there was writing across the top of the Facade at one time... I can only make out what looks like "XXONO" near the left.... Id bet if you kept diggin a bit you'd find something.....

Castrol for sure, but that's just engine oil not the gasoline.

And sorry Falcus, I got the location slightly wrong. It's actually at 155 Main Road, Speer's Point, the next suburb along.

There's no info on the brand of gasoline but I did discover the art deco garage was built by a Mr. William Davies in the late 1930's. The writing on the arch has obviously changed over time. You can see here it used to be called Speer's Point Garage but there's been other writing before that (I detest these "artsy" photos, detail obscured and no good for textures on 3D meshes!).


And this photo taken in 2013 shows evidence that they used to service Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Buick....back in the days when we had those in Australia.

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Hi D_R,

Back in these days a gas station could have three different brands of petrol so the three pumps could be for three different oil companies.

Also in these days Gilbarco had the monopoly on petrol pumps. Well in NZ. they did.

Garages and gas stations were independent then, not like now, they are all owned by the oil companies now.

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