Anyone Know where I can find 2-6-0 or 4-4-0 or simular 30in gauge 1800's locos?

Anyone Know where I can find a 2-6-0 or 4-4-0 or simular 30in gauge 1800's loco that work in Trainz 2019?

I'm talking about those locos seen in old western US movies. I have enough early 1900 black steam engines but love the look of those earlier colored ones.

The reason I'm asking is that Philskene and others with their great compact 30in routes have forced me to give up my beloved 36in gauge routes and become a 30in gauge railroader.

Really what I like most about the 30in routes is that they are fairly small but have lots of the scenery and switching that I like (early 1900's). The only disappointment is a lack of one of those early 1800 locos.

I'm hoping someone can tell me how I can get one.

It was a good idea but as far as I know the Carson Car Shop is all standard gauge as was the V&T and I need 30in gauge but the locos are just the type I want.


Hi Dave -

Have you seen the 30in locomotives I have uploaded to the Download Station? They are Ben's locomotives modified to work in TANE and TRS19.

Hey Phil are you ever full of surprises. LOL

I stumbled across your 30in gauge layouts over a year ago and immediately fell in love with them and have been collecting 30in things since then. But dumb me I never though about you making 30in loco's and rolling stock. If I had I would have saved myself a lot of frustrations running down all the stuff you already had working. dud!!!

I'm just thankful for all the work you have done in 30in especially the time period and the size of your layouts (I usually like the smaller under 10 board layouts but your North Bay route is an exception LOL) in addition I spend a lot of time converting routes I like to 30 gauge and all your locos and rolling stock has made it worth while for me to do it.

Right now I have everything I need except there seems to be a serious lack of 30 foot boxcars out there. I have found the same boxcar (the GCNG 131) on a few sits including yours. but I would really like 2 or 3 more different 30 footers as they would really make my trains look a lot more realistic. (I have tried cloning and repainting the 131 but it just does not look right).
I'm sorry about this rant but I feel like you will understand it because this post started out to be a thank you for getting me into 30in railroading
Its been a game changer for me.
Thanks again

PS: There are several other makers of good 30in layouts out there that I would also like to say thank you for your good work and to please keep it up

PPS: I also want to thank everyone for all the helpful links you have provides me and I am checking each one out as time permits