Any news on that New England/Springfield route?

Any news on that incredible New England route that featured Springfield, Massachusetts?

Last I read in the forums before the crash, the route was done but was too large to post on the DLS. If I remember correctly, a forum moderator or brew crew member stated Auran might make an exception and still post the route on the DLS.

Anyone know the status of this gorgeous route?
You put it in the right forum. Look in the Auran announcements, welcome back thread. The route looked good and hope it can be put on the dls.
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Remembered Name

I remembered the name of the route I am checking the status on:

CSX Berkshire Sub

Any news on its status?
hey, is that route the one with the newhaven crossover ( i meen in real life) and the poineer valley railroad?
hmmmm well wasnt there a csx line that intersected with a poineer valley railroad in springfield?

The Pioneer valley line has a junction with CSX in Westfield. The crossover has been removed.

just a note

yes it has, that new haven line went dry probably decades ago. i know there is no crossover now. i just want to know if there is a route that passes through the railroad i was saying about before
Berkshire Sub by Doolinator. He has the route on a cd because Auran did not put it on the dls because of the size. He also has the Selkirk yard on his website to download. I just downloaded it and merged it with Berkshire Sub and it works just fine. A lot of fine work went into these routes.