any good supercharged locos out there

I can make you a supercharge motor easy matter a fact I have made a few.
how fast do you need?
5k mph too slow?
My turbo train can hit speeds of +5000 mph
Railworks launches an entire train into the air hundreds of feet, leap froging a loco, with trucks spinning, just from a soft coupling, fun, but very unprototypical.

"AI Brake" adds allot of horsepower, and a few jetsleds added to a train will make it go ridiculously fast ... I prefer to drive at 5-20 mph, and 45 mph is plenty fast for me
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This was the lest best MSTS crash video I made these chashs are insane on train had to have flown in the air 5000 feet up. But that was long ago I given up on MSTS.