Any GE "Little Joe" electrics?

Hi Uwe,

in order to understand a bit better where to move with the crations for the Nilw, could you please let me know the hight of the wire? I used 6.9 meteers for my pantographs.
I have versions of the Ep2 and of LJ on the go too. If you are interested I will send you more details about the present status.

I have an old drawing from CMStP&P wich gives the height as 24 foot 2 inches. I get that to be 737 cm.

Nice locos :mop:
Here a few pictures:





...end it is not all. The two switcher are on the go too.

I hope I'll not disturb enybody that could have mede the same machine. Thei nwill be freeware.
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Hi Uwe!

Nice work! Do you know if anybody has done a similar GE used in Brazil and Milwaukee called popularly V-8? They are similar but in no way identical to the "Little Joes".

Any info on that is greatly appreciated. If photos or details on them are needed just contact me.