Amtrak GP38s reskin problem - In TRS19 and Tane


I have a problem with two Amtrak GP38s. Kuids are <kuid:178941:1036>and <kuid:178941:1066>. These engines were first installed into Tane back in 2015 and did not have any issue. Fast forward 5 years to May 2020, and after performing a content update from the DLS, these engines now show errors related to being reskins. Following is the set of errors from TANE for one of the engines. As a test, I installed one of these in TRS19 and received the same errors. The key error that I have been unable to resolve is the "MeshObjectSpec::LinkSpecs> Reskin does not match parent <kuid:-10:206>" error. FYI, these were error free before May 2020.

; <kuid:178941:1036> Validating <kuid:178941:1036>
! <kuid:178941:1036> VE48: This asset uses an obsolete trainz-build number. Trainz-build numbers below 3.5 are no longer supported.
; <NULL> MeshResource::LoadResource> <NULL> | arc:fld:$(original)/hash-C7||kuid -10 206.tzarc|
; <NULL> Loading mesh gp38_body/
! <kuid:178941:1036> VE166: 17 combined chunks (of 17 source) in .im file:
! <kuid:178941:1036> VE86: Legacy .pm files are no longer supported. Switch to using a .lm file.
! <kuid:178941:1036> VE86: Legacy .pm files are no longer supported. Switch to using a .lm file.
! <kuid:178941:1036> VE109: The low-detail meshes total more than 500 polygons. This may have a negative impact on performance: 0: 5729
; <NULL> Performing asset precache
; <kuid:178941:1036> Loading asset <kuid:178941:1036>
- <kuid:178941:1036> MeshObjectSpec::LinkSpecs> Reskin does not match parent <kuid:-10:206>
- <kuid:178941:1036> VE199: Asset <kuid:178941:1036> failed to load. Unloading resources.
; <kuid:178941:1036> TADGetSpecFromAsset> unlinked asset

Thank you for any assistance.

Hello Jeff
If the original loco had .pm files, means its very old I'd say before TRS2004
-Check the original loc and check the trainzbuild number in the original
-make sure your reskin is the same trainzbuild (ignore the below 3.5 are not suppported cause nothing you make gets supported)
-first try use the exact same dependencies as the original(only other skin)
-then step by step replace the dependencies you want.
-make sure the mesh-table has the same items as the original

-you can change .pm to .im with PEVSoft PM2IM if you want
-search and read on Trainz Wiki how to either use "alias" or "mesh-asset"+script to make a reskin

good luck and have fun
G.M. - Thank you for the reply.

I have done as you say to other assets in the past, but I ended up taking a bit different method. After looking through the DLS, I came across another Amtrak GP38 by the same author, but this engine was updated in July 2019. I assume the update was performed by the team updating/correcting DLS assets. The KUID of this engine is <kuid2:178941:1507:1>. My quick fix was to install this engine into my TRS19, then open for edit, modify the kuid to each target kuid in turn, and then perform two separate imports. Granted this method means that I have three engines that look identical down to their engine numbers, but for me, this was just fine.

Railhead - Thank you. Good suggestion; I like it.

Glad you like it, he has another one in phase V livery as well,,,,<kuid:628458:100763> GP38-2

Also keep an eye out , I will be releasing a bunch of my reskinned Amtrak mow vehicles on the DLS, need to add some more custom numbering and license plates first :D