All British Rail Mk 1-3 rolling stock not responding Please Help!


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For quite some time now I have been experiencing considerable difficulty with all the british rail mk 1 2 and 3 rolling stock. When I try to add any of it to my route it will not respond at all. I have tried deleting it all and redownloading it from the download station, but am still having no luck whatsoever - what is going on???? Please help!!!
Mark 1 Crimson and Creme livery stock is built into TRS06. When you download them can you see the model when you select them in surveyor? If not you have critical dependencies missing and the model cannot work..
I have them in the list of available stock in surveyor mode. However when I select them the small picture which normally comes up in the bottom of the select box doesn't come up and therefore won't load up onto my route. This is strange as thios happens with both the built in content and that which I have downloaded. I also seem to be having the same problem with a lot (if not all) of my freight rolling stock, and one or two of my DMUs.
I now seem to be having problems with the download station. I keep trying to use the download helper, I get the message 'logging in to planet auran' followed by 'downloading dependant assets list' them get a message saying 'idle - unable to contact download station' - what does this mean?
I am also getting another message from the download station saying 'the requested packages are not available on the download station' so how come they are showing up on the download station in the first place?

Another message I keep getting is 'nothing to download' but I am getting this message when trying to download either rolling stock with missing assetts or stock I have deleted from my computer.
try this. go into content manager, on the search jobby, drop down box locate KEYWORD. put in mk1 or 2 plus name of item, in the right hand side of page should be a list of what Dls has with those keywords. ignore the ones with DS to the left. below search box click on search details then click on items which have not got DS on them.
you should find the offending items. right click then click download, then click delete or if the item is built in its called suspend or something like.
when you initially right click you could view dependancies to see whats wrong and possibly fix it from there. but I usually start from scratch as above.
you have to delete or suspend to get a clean download.
I finally managed to get things working again, but I had to uninstall the game (I backed up all my downloaded content first) and reinstall. That has fixed the problem anyway, and thankfully I did not lose any of the work I have been working on over the past few months.