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Hello, for a while I've been in my "Golden Period" of Trainz, and making templates for when I need to align something exactly to the track. Those jubilee periods seen to be over, though, as I've reached a point where I need to set up a HUGE station with goods yard and 10+ unique platform setups. This is my weakness, as many Trainzers eyeball their placements, I have severe OCD where if it's not lined up exactly, a little bit of me dies inside every time I play.

Moving on to the point, I "need" the platform edges to line up exactly to the edge of the track. Now, I've tried using some Terminal/Ramp Templates from AJS, but those are mostly geared towards the straight-station setups. This one starts out on a perfect curve, and slapping a 10m segment template of straight track will be noticeable. Is there a way to exactly align, or line up the platform to the track by use of some script or such? Might sound ridiculous, but scripts have blown my mind previously.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
Have a look at this spacing jig which 'clips' to the track and gives you a hard edge to align platforms against. You can space the jigs as close as you like, then delete them when the platform is satisfactorily aligned....
So, I have to ask. Is the issue you're having that:
A: Your OCD issues are making it impossible for you to get over that placing a non Track asset next to track is very hard to align perfectly?
B: You're unable to find a way to get an active Platform (Industry) aligned Exactly to a Curve of XYZ Degrees?

If its A, try Dermmy's Suggestion.

If its B, theres some platforms that I think Andi06 made that have scripting done on them so that they can actually curve to whatever degree you tell them to. If this is the issue tell me and I'll see if I can dig up the KUID #s.

There are FT Track straights that you can push up to the track, and rotate it to match the track in degrees ... A building may have a different degree measurement, so if the track FT Track says 90 degrees, and the building says 360 degrees just rotate the building by 90 degree increment numerals until they are similar. However a track may be showing 89.3 degrees, and this fine rotation is achieved by holding down on the Ctrl key when rotating the building in fine degrees. Use a calculator for cyphering Jethro :cool:

For a spline it is just a matter of looking straight down and eyeballing the spline, with the edge of the track roadbed
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I place the track and then place a long passenger consist on the track extended to beyond the length of the platform. I can now place the platform up to the coaches leaving any required gap. A drag of the consist a little bit if on a curve will check the coaches don't overlap the platform. Once all is done just delete the consist. Make sure platform spline points match the track spline points positions.