Adjusting Your Mesh


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This article is to explain how to move your 'traincar' mesh around to line it up properly to whatever you are adjusting it to.

All these movements are done in the mesh-table area of the config file.
To get to the config file...
1. Make a clone of the asset you want to work with. This way you always have the original one.
2. Right click the clone asset, click edit, and open in Explorer.
3. Right click on the config file and open it with 'Notepad'.
Here is where we will make the changes in the mesh-table area. It is probably good to put your initials in front of the asset name, or they'll both show up in the list with the same name.
(ex. 'hbh asset name')

A - You must first identify the mesh you are using (your in the mesh-table.
**Always use lowercase letters. There will be exceptions to this, but very little.
B - The next line is the 'auto-create'. This is for your mesh to load up. You will put a '0' or '1' here. (1=yes ; 0=no)
C - Last you will add the 'position' line. This is where you will move the mesh around. There will be 3 areas separated by commas (ex. 0,0,0). This is where you will add your numbers to change the location of your mesh. You must always open and close strings in this table, and the script with a '{', and '}'.


mesh "your"
auto-create 1
position 0,0,0

** When using the numbers go small like '1.0' or '0.5' to start. Use '0' when using decimals (ex. 0.5) and 'commas only' to separate them.
1st number will move mesh left & right.
2nd number will move mesh forward & back.
3rd number will move mesh up & down.

When you are done hit the 'save' in explorer to save the config file first, then commit the asset in content manager and close the explorer window. Now you should have a new asset to move your mesh around in. You can set up a test route to make sure your mesh is adjusting correctly.

I hope this helps someone who maybe looking for this formula. This is for the 'traincar' class assets. I don't know if it works on other classes/categories

I will be posting a few more tips on bogeys and drivable vehicles soon. :)

****Not understanding why the text here isn't keeping with the script lines. They have spaces on those line for the'{' & '}' ???
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(Speaking with a smile)...I appreciate the thought, but I'm asking that no one adds to what I am saying on this thread.

I understand the measurements are in meters, and it is from the center of the attachment points, but I wasn't explaining that part yet. I am making this thread for others, like me, who do not understand how to write script well. I'm just showing how to adjust a mesh, and with simple instruction.

What you wrote did not explain anything like x,y, meters.....relative at mesh????
This is confusing and why I'm requesting that you not add on.

I will be explaining a lot of things in simple format with instructions, the more advance stuff should already be in a manual, but it's not. And since the wiki is not only a mess, but also very confusing the way people are explaining things and leaving a lot out, I've decided to keep this as simple as possible.

Of course feel free to take my simple 'Adjusting Mesh' and create an 'Advance Adjusting Mesh' thread and go into detail with it. Maybe we can start a creation of a script writing manual? :)