Adding cars to a route?

I you want static vehicles, just add them to your route in Surveyor.
If you want vehicles for traffic, edit the config.txt file for the region of your route. Your will find a list like the one below that lists the kuids of vehicles that you want in traffic. You can change or add to this list:

car0 <kuid:447264:1132>
car1 <kuid:447264:1133>
car2 <kuid:447264:1134>
car3 <kuid:447264:1135>
car4 <kuid:447264:1136>
car5 <kuid:447264:1137>
car6 <kuid:447264:1138>
car7 <kuid:447264:1139>
car8 <kuid:447264:1140>
car9 <kuid:447264:1141>
car10 <kuid:447264:1142>
car11 <kuid:447264:1143>
car12 <kuid:447264:1144>
car13 <kuid:447264:1145>
car14 <kuid:447264:1146>
car15 <kuid:447264:1147>
car16 <kuid:447264:1148>
car17 <kuid:447264:1149>
car18 <kuid:447264:1153>
car19 <kuid:447264:1154>
car20 <kuid:447264:1155>
car21 <kuid:447264:1160>
car22 <kuid:447264:1163>
car23 <kuid:447264:1164>
car24 <kuid:447264:1165>
car25 <kuid:447264:1166>
Thank you for getting back to me. All models, vans etc. I have already done it before but I can remember how to add them again to my route?

Please remind me how to edit the config file?


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Please remind me how to edit the config file?

This is done in Content Manager.
Find the region you want to add cars to.
Right-click on the region and choose Open...
Choose Configuration text file.

This will open up in Notepad or some other text-only editor.

When done, save and close the file.

Back in Content Manager, right-click on the asset you opened previously to edit the config.txt file and choose submit.
Hi guys, can anyone give me a step by step guide to home to add different vehicles to my route?


When I first purchased Trainz Collection with TRS2004/2006 and Ultimate! The funny thing is that somehow, I managed to figure out how to add trains to a route to drive. I loaded up the 'Razorback' route and looked at all of these interesting options inside the editor, when I hovered over this weird looking icon that looks like the 'closed' barrel of a gun from pretty much all James Bond movies, the tag said 'Trains' so, I had to investigate it. And of course at that time I did have a few NSW trains from the DLS, so I loaded up Chris Jennings's original S Set model and took it for a 'Long drive'.

It doesn't take too much knowledge to find where the trains are ;)