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Hey, I was wondering how you add addons in TRS2004 and TRS2006.:confused: (I only have the TRS2004 demo. My full TRS2006 version is coming in a couple of days as of Dec. 17, 2006.):D Also, what are Contact Dispatcher Files!?!
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Hi and welcome
Hope you enjoy the full version when you get it. Content Dispatcher Package Files, these are the files that all content is created with when you package up content for the download station. when you download the file will normaly be put straight into your trainz programme. But if you download content which arrives as a CDP File all you need do is click on the file and it will open to allow you to extract the information into trainz. It is automaticaly put into the download folder in trainz.
Thanks stagecoach, although one time I downloaded Thomas V4 from, which was a CDP file, and I just deleted it, though now I am going to download it again, even though I still need download those kuids(which I can't download, yet.) By the way, what are kuids?
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Actually, I can't extract those CDPs. I use WinRar, and it says its in 'either unknown format or damaged.':( Can someone help me with this?:confused:
KUID (Koolthingz Unique IDentifier) number assigned to each Trainz asset. They have the form kuid:userid:assetnumber. Updated versions of the same item have the form kuid2:userid:assetnumber:n where n=the version number.

.cdp (Content Dispatcher Program) is a Trainz unique file extension for Auran's proprietary file compression method. It is recognize and decoded by the Trainz Contentdispatch.exe program and will place the contents in the appropriate folders for use in Trainz.

You can't install CDP's into the demo. That can only be done in TRS2006 by starting TRS2006 and then selecting Manage Content. The CMP module will start and then if you are connected to the DLS, the CMP module can directly download and install selected assets into the trainz database. Alternately In TRS2006, if you have a CDP and are not downloading you can install assets with CMP by selecting File-Import CDP's and the asset will be loaded into TRS2006 Open For Edit. It has to be committed before it is installed. TRS2004 also requires a full edition install. This includes the Trainz Download Helper which will interact with the DLS to install or be started by double clicking on the CDP icon for an asset and fllowing the instruction in the window displayed. I know its frustrating but you will just have to wait util you receive your version that's on order.

I am practically new to Trainz, I nearly got MSTS(Microsoft Train Simulator). Thanks to Wikipedia, V-scale(though the only help from V-scale was info on Trainz Driver Edition, a cut-down version of TRS2006 without Surveyor sold in the USA, NOT yet released) , this forum, the main TRS2006 and '04 websites, the several Trainz demos I played, I knew a lot about Trainz in short amount of time. I've heard of Trainz for probaly a year:eek: or so, although I really known much about it until now.
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