Add a baseboard in T:ANE surveyor


New member
I did find in the instructions that you approached the edge where you wished to add then click on the "x" just left of the "close screen x". I do not have such an "x"!
I tried clicking over the edge but that did nothing.

So how do I add baseboards?

Mac Clarke
Approach the edge of the baseboard. Press F1 to open the topology tab.
Press the button just above the word 'Advanced' (or X on the keyboard).
Click the blue sky where you want to extend the layout.
Thanks Trev, it worked like a charm! Now a new trouble, how do you make it stop working? I can click til the cows come home and still add a baseboard. Clicking on any other option on Topology or any other button on another tab starts that function but folding up the tab does not stop it. This would be a fun simulator if it was not so much smarter than I am.