A new lease of life for Londons underground.

Interesting entry-level article, but I wonder how well informed it is, as it states the Alexandra Palace line closed in 1952. It closed temporarily, but struggled on till July 1954. I lived next door to the station, and travelled on the last train.

My uncle ran a campaign to save the railway, but it didn't succeed. Now the Powers that Be are all regretting their stupid, short-sighted decision.

I've been on two of the abandoned station tours and they really are amazing. I also had a visit to the London Transport poster collection and Acton Depot and both were equally interesting. Places are limited and there are only a few openings each year so if you get the chance, it's worth trying to get a place on one.
Several Videos on YouTube on the Mail Railway and there was a documentary on TV a few months back, not sure what channel it was on.