A must read.Trs 2004 & Trs2006 Red alert! Bad content!


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I found out why most downloaded Trainz content does not work. Read carefully. I know that you all mean well and are in good intention, and I thank you for your efforts in your content creations. But I have found a serious problem that causes trainz to terminate and crash with a send report error and here is why. Content creators please pay close attention to your configs such as do not and I say again do not do the following errors.

This makes this one none usable "<kuidx:xxxx:xxx>" :eek: =Wrong!!
The Correct way is ;) <kuidx:xxxx:xxx>
Spelling is a big problem also as Trs2006 will not work.
Example desription :eek: =Wrong! description ;) =correct.
As container Tags are very picky in Trs2006
I am just trying to help you great people that have very cool ideas for content creation.

Here is another example of errors.
Do not include a bunch of text and large discriptions as the computer has to read all of this and it will use more resources.
Do not include thing like for example

kuid <kuid:xxx:xxxx:x>
asset-filename "xxxxxxx xx" //=correct:)
description "xxxxxxx" //=correct:)
creation "creator's name" //= Wrong!:eek:
have "fun:)" //=wrong!:eek:

Creation & have are not allowed TAG names. Do not allow anything but what is required by Trainz. No comments other than what is required.

If you create your content and follow the rules closely then you will be rewarded with perfect working creations, and save a lot of us disapointments and sadness. Thanks to all, and if you ever need anything that I have cussed and cried about then finally learned, I will be more than happy to respond to any of you with the best answers that is possible. Thanks for reading this.