A little tour of Japan

Thank you sincerely Franck.
Much of what you are offering will be very useful on my Australian route.
I really appreciate your kindness.
Thanks again
Bonsoir à tous, merci, le premier pack des marques au sol des reskins des créations de Mistral69 est disponible sur mon site............:)

Thank you Franck.
The road markings you have recently made available are very useful.
Even though they have been done for your Japanese project many are universal and I am rethinking a lot of my streets,
deciding to move from splines to paint (with markings) in a number of cases.
Could I enquire - are you planning to release the rest of the material (as shown in the picture of the M69 repaints on page 4)?
Thank you again for sharing.
I really appreciate it
Bonjour à tous, oui Nicke, je vais distribuer la suite, je suis en train de revoir un a un les objets................:)

Maleureusement faute de temps j'utilise la spline............en plus de mes objets.
Again - thank you Franck.
I hope I didn't force you to rush - I was just enquiring because of the content in the picture of Mistral's items you posted.
I am grateful for whatever you give us.
Thanks again.
Bonsoir a tous, un nouveau site WIX2 dans ma signature il y a le pack N°4 merci de me dire si cela marche....................:eek:
Hi Franck.
The link to your website in the post above does not connect.
It goes to a Wix page.
Bonjour à tous, merci, c'est bien que cela vous plaise...........un petit centre commercial, je l'ai nommée AWA.