A Little Help With RRMods Payware?


Ramblin' Man..
So, when I try to sign in on the Main RRMods Payware site, it says the information EMAILED to me by RRMods is incorrect.

Any help here?
Alright well it turns out that when I logged in it kept logging into my alternate account, so for people who have the same issue when buying from RRMods, look for the thing that says insta-login and it will log you into your account, somehow.

DO NOT keep trying to log in if it doesn't let you.
because he bashed them in public

Funny, no I have an old account I used to use and then the one I use currently. The old account was linked to my parents email address when I started out here on the forums and with Trainz

Either way, really enjoying the affects and features of this unit now.

After having gone looking, their payware Billing service side of their website doesn't allow things like Account Management near as I can tell. They just track everything by the given Paypal account, or Email address if you're just using a Card. Its not the most user friendly setup in the world. Just keep track of the old Account info.