A few questions about RDG Coaches.

1. Is this type of coach prototypical?
2. If it is, has anyone made it and is it available anywhere?
3. If it isn't, are there any other good RDG coaches?
Lionel, or other model RR equipment, are usually way out of scale, much too short (so as to go around super tight curved track) ... usually the wheel set trucks have absolutely no resemblance to what was on actually used on the prototype.

Some did have 6 wheel trucks, but a majority had 4 wheel trucks.
No, that is not prototypical. The Reading Heavy weights rode on 2 axel trucks, wile there where some 3 axel coaches and diners, They were of the arch roof design:


I don't know of any Reading Arch Roof coaches in trainz, however, pwieser did make RDG arch roofed Electric MU's.
As you can see in the second picture of my first post, yes, there were 2 tone green Reading Coaches.
Reading used that lighter green stripe on at least some of its diesels but I don't know if it ever used that scheme on its passenger cars...