A bug I'm having with TRS19 SP4


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I'm getting no sound with any of my steam locomotives. So far, I've tested K&L and Trainz Forge steam locomotives. The sound only reappears if I move to the tender or any other car. Eventually the sound on whatever car I am on will disappear and then I will have to move to the next car in the train, and the sound will resume. But then, after a while, the sound will stop and then I have to move on to the next car, further and further away from the locomotive. The sound of the locomotive doesn't reappear when I return to the locomotive after focusing on several cars for a while. This also applies to diesels also. If I have multiple diesels on the front of a train, then moving to the second locomotive brings back the sound. I don't know if anyone else is having this problem also, but I'm letting you all know that this is a problem that I'm now starting to have.
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This is not a problem that I have experienced with the steam locos, rail motors and diesels I have been using in any version of TRS19 and Trainz Plus, SP4 and later betas. Could it be a sound card/audio driver issue?

You would need to test a wider range of locos to determine if it is a loco, TRS 19 or a sound card issue.
I've run Euromodeller's Swiss rolling stock, K&L Trainz's Polar Express and Reading & Northern 425, JR's Reading, Blue Mountain & Northern (RBMN) SD50's, Trainz Forge's Washoe Valley Railroad 4-8-4's, and Control Point Simulations' Clinchfield F units. I know that all of these except the RBMN SD50's and Euromodeller's Swiss rolling stock have this problem. I had K&L Trainz's R&N 425 and JR's RBMN SD50's coupled together to recreate an excursion the RBMN runs during the fall, and I only heard the sounds of the SD50's coupled behind 425 and her tender and aux tender. All other sounds the train makes while in motion, such as crossing over a switch, work as normal.
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