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Hi All,
Can anyone tell me where I can find freight wagons, either rigid or bogey wagons in 42 inch gauge? This is for a NZ themed layout.

Hi All,
Can anyone tell me where I can find freight wagons, either rigid or bogey wagons in 42 inch gauge? This is for a NZ themed layout.


Hello Bill69

Check out the following for some 42" goods:


There are probably lots more, but this was the only one I could remember. Try a good search for Trainz narrowguage will probably help too.

Have Fun

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the pointer but they are not the type or era I am looking for.
In NZ 42" is not narrow gauge, it is standard gauge, so the rolling stock is more like English or Australian rolling stock with a slightly smaller loading gauge. Some of the older South Australian Railways rollingstock, which used to be 42" would be OK.

There is some Queensland rolling stocking available in 42" gauge, just search under QR in the rolling stock or locos section. Usually marked NG. Also SAR 400 class garratt.
Cheers Will.
Hi Will,

Thanks Will.I have the 400 class Garratt and the 3f6I gauge QR coach but can't find any more.

Thanks for the reply,
In NZ 42" is not narrow gauge, it is standard gauge

Yes, calling 4' 81/2" standard gauge when it clearly isn't is one of the charming idiosyncrasies of the world of trains :)

There is a reasonable amount of Queensland Rail (QR), New South Wales Government Railway (NSWGR) and some NZ (NZR/NZGR) on the DLS. Also much of the available non-42" stock can be converted to 42" and reskinned if necessary - they look okay providing they do not have buffers, though you will have to put up with a variety of couplings (in some cases the couplings can be converted also with a varying degree of success).

Of course, as has been pointed out by me and others before now, a good deal of the 1m/1000mm rolling stock (and the locomotives for that matter) look just fine on 3' 6" track.

Good Luck.
Hi Bill
Is that the oldpossum one? He's also got some useful bridges too. There is some other NG QR rolling stock, try kuid:45335 and usernames, colhad, and gregcash. There are only diesels in mostly in QR NG. You could also see if there is anything in WAGR, Western Aus. There is a steamer SAR T class 253, kuid2:126323:253:1, a 4-8-0 that I think may be NG. I've downloaded one version that's marked SG, so the other one probably 3'6" gauge.
Cheers Will
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Hi b9k9kiwi,

I'm ok with reskinning, but the one time I tried changing bogeys turned out a bit of a disaster, I think the attachment points were too much different on the replacement bogeys. However I might try it again.

Hi Will,
Thanks for these pointers I will look them up. I have the SAR T class kuid2:126323:253:1 it is 36" gauge but does not look too bad on 42" rails.

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Bill try these:

User kuid 44640 or username gregbaker. He has a few items of rollingstock interest but remember to check ALL versions of Trainz.

NZR Xp wagon kuid:69858:15001
NZR Xp wagon kuid:69858:15002
NZR Z wagon kuid:69858:15003

LPA open kuid2:61258:15001:3
LPA covered kuid2:61258:15002:3

NZR URL 6-fork operating kuid2:62941:16010:1
NZR URL 4-fork operating kuid2:62941:16012:1

logs 50' Clinchfield empty kuid2:62941:16315:4 (Yes I know Clinchfield is a Yank "standard" gauge line but if you look carefully you might see that Charlie based the design on an NZR log wagon. You could do a lot worse than bung a set of 3' 6" bogies under it and use it. If you're any great shakes with reskinning you could even get rid of the name "Clinchfield" as well!)

NZGR DA loco kuid:44640:1
NZR J class wagon kuid:44640:15000
NZR UBW Flat Wagon kuid:44640:15008
NZR La class wagon kuid:44640:15998
NZR La class coal wagon kuid:44640:15999
NZR H class (it's the Fell loco) kuid:44640:2

And remember the

AI brake kuid:58422:100218

works just as well on 3' 6"! :hehe:

As well as the kosher Kiwi stuff an enormous amount of QR stock has 3' 6" bogies under it. Many a time I've run a Da with QR coaches behind it!


Hi Nix,

That'll keep me busy for a while. Many thanks for all these item numbers. Mainline Steam Inc. have recently imported some ex Virgin passenger coaches to which they are currently fitting 42" bogeys and getting them ready for repainting. When they are done I will photograph them and do a reskin if I can find some similar coaches on the DLS.

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Hi Bill
One loco worth trying is EBT Mikado 17, available from steammachine.com/bdaneal This is 3ft gauge but looks OK on 42" track, I think it's a Baldwin. I reskinned this into a freelance QR loco.
Hi Will,

I have that loco, have had it for some time but only downloaded it to get some parts for another loco, can't remember which one. I'll have another look at it.

Thanks Will.

i'm new and if anyone reading this could tell me how to download New Zealand rolling stock that Midland talked about that would be great. i'm having some trouble downloading then of the download station.
thanks very much
but do you know any sites besides the DLS that might have these downloads?
that would be great
thanks a lot