GE 289A Boxcab, looking for one to down load,

Hi all
I have been searching about for the GE 289A boxcab as is/was seen running around the 42 inch runs in Chili. Is anyone aware of a web page that has this for a download, and if not that, some good plans and measurements of her to build from?
thank you in advance
Mike D aka whecsailorjr

Maybe have a look at <kuid2:58422:20:3> CN boxcab by whitepass? You would have to reskin it, it is a GE but I don't know what model.
Hi Mike --

I was curios what that locomotive looked like. I found this image:

If someone came up with a high quality version for Trainz I'd be sorely tempted to make an electrified route or layout for it.

Perhaps something like this, but on a much grander scale:


(Taken from this thread: