1st Class Ticket


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Downloaded TaNE just fine. Install went reasonably well.
Cranked it up and played it several hours....my reaction.........:):D:cool:........Thanks guys, I really wasn't disappointed!
Downloaded wallpapers just fine,..........but................
Is it hiding on some page I don't know about?
Have you checked your MyTrainz > Download Tickets page?

Also, if it was part of your Get-Trainz-Now option, then you need to check back through your emails to get your code (and instructions) to get a free one via Simulator Central if you haven't already.

Most the people who are enjoying TANE are far too busy to come on here and post about their experience - you tend to only hear from those who have problems.

The FCT's were issued yesterday and should appear in your MyTrainz account. If not, please email support and we'll figure out which account your FCT got allocated to as generally the issue is there is another account that has been used and the FCT is with the "wrong one"
Tony, thanks for you response.
I have been into my 'My Trainz' account several times, but see no reference to downloading a FCT. What I see is red ink saying how many I went through. The FCT was supposed awarded as part of my 'Kickstarter' contribution; I indicated as such on the survey sent out to each contributor.
I'm a tad frustrated about the situation...........I need catch up on TS12 updates, so I can install some of them into TaNE. A 7Kb/sec DL will keep me here all summer.
What info do I need to send support?

My TaNE pledge confirmation e-mail acknowledges my choice of a 1 year FCT; but no download code was issued. Nor have I received ANY e-mail from N3V since, particularly one which mentions anything about a FCT.
The only 'Kickstarter' e-mails I remember are 'Project Updates'...............which pretty much go to trash, unread. If I got one that said 'Early Rewards', it most likely went there too.......
I'm looking for an N3V e-mail, not Kickstarter promos!
The email would have been sent on the 6th of January last year (assuming you filled in your survey sent not long after the Kickstarter project ended in December 2013) from the anewera address. Did you actually fill in the initial survey just after the Kickstarter project ended?

I got a N3V e-mail confirmation Dated May 3, 2015 stating they acknowledge my request for a 1 year FCT as a reward for participating in the Kickstarter program.
I'm trying to help you find the relevant email which contained the discount code for Simulator Central. If you've deleted it though, hopefully Tony will be able to help you out but you've left it very late.

My included First class ticket showed up in My Trainz the day after I installed TANE, thanks very much, very useful and I'm loving the new game.

Gam :D
Isn't it enough that N3V and I have confirmation of my choices, as dated above? They would not send me a code prior to confirming my choices!
I've received no confirmation code at all.
Way back in late November or early December I broached this subject and Tony stated FCT's would be issued when the game was released. I gave it no more thought.
My FCT issue was resolved via Helpdesk.
Thanks Shane for your input. If I ruffled your feathers a bit, my apologies. However, I did feel you were not addressing my responses, but rather following a tangent of your own.
I hope I can count on your knowledge and help in the future.

Best regards
Good to see they were able to sort the issue. The reason I follow things like that is I work in a logical manner which involves checking things like that (although I will still be able to assist).

Shane, your contributions to the forums are well received and welcome.
My particular issue was internal to N3V, and actually out of your scope. I'm not criticizing, just making a point. We all try hard, in our endeavor to be relevant;
I always appreciate your input...................more times than not you nail the issue.

Thanks for your help.....

Just to add something to this thread.

Do the kickstarters who pledged like myself get a 6 month ticket (for the T:ANE-Dlx), as I have no code or see it on mytrainz under the FCT tab? No problem if we don't as I noticde pre orders did get a 6 month FCT. (I did not tick 1 year FCT as an reward)