18inch ore cars won't unload

I built a little 18inch industrial tram going thru a basement to deliver coal to the furnace, and I have a trammer and 3 side-dump cars loaded with coal. I set up a multiple industry new for the cars to unload at, but they will just not unload. The DCC dial just disappears for a few seconds, like it is going to unload, then it just reappears and the cars stay loaded. I can't figure out why it won't work. Any help or ideas why it doesn't work?
I guess you have to issue a "Drive To" command, to a particular unloader that handles gold, and select "Unload", before it gets to the unloader that handles gold ... I worked at Ft Knox, and polished the gold bars, with a special rag of mine ... every day I walked out past the qaurds, with the rag in my back pocket ... everyday I shook the rag out into an empty washa' machine box ... after 35 years, today there is several pounds of gold dust in it :hehe:
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I guess you need to use one of Shortline2 mines to load gold, and one of Shortline2 orehouses to unload gold.

I made a clone of the car, and changed the commodity kuid to coal, and used "Drive To" to the coal unloader and coal dust was animated.

I have all of Shortline2 mine tunnels, and use the Mancha locos to haul coal out
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It's probably the heat from the furnace, it's making the metal expand on the cars & jamming the release mechanism. :cool:
I got it to tip and unload, and the load disappears ... I think that a dead end track makes the AI driver constantly check, and wait for track clearance, and it hunts and pecks along ... try making an invisatrack dogbone return loop with 3 BNSF50 Invisble signals in the loop, and speeds will increase, as AI knows where it is going.

I have a blast with these link and pin cars, with the slack action in the coupler gap :cool:
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