“Unable to link compiled script class.” error


About four of my assets have this error. This is in Trainz simulator 12 SP1 btw. I tried opening them for edit and then committing them, but it didn’t work. The first time I tried that method on the same ones actually did work but this time it doesn’t work. I’m really desperate for help so please reply if you have any solutions!!!
Try deleting (or for safety, just moving) the contents of the TS12 internet/cache folder before re-launching Trainz. I read somewhere that it forces Trainz to rebuild the cache which can correct that error.
I actually removed a script thingy that begins with “JR” I think. And it actually did seem to work. The assets looked & acted normal, but I cloned the assets first before doing that just to be safe. If something goes wrong, which probably shouldn’t happen, I’ll try your idea. Thanks otherwise! :)