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Thread: How do I find the other tracks for this kind?

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    Default How do I find the other tracks for this kind?

    I'm trying to find the other tracks that go with the Russian animated switches but can't find them and don't know the name of them. I only have two that show up in my track menu which are the Concrete Track N25 2m and the other being Concrete Track N32 4m. Where can I find the other track options that go with the Russian animated junctions such as N6, N7, N23, N24 I looked on the Cmp but can't find them. I believe the author is Rmm if that helps. If anybody has information on this please get back to me asap. Thanks

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    look in config.txt
    and don't tell me to hurry....remember I'm doing you a favor!

    Kuid number of attached track.
    Kuid number of switches.

    post all relevant info
    while your waiting check RU web sites

    search: trains RU or HU maybe PZ or PL
    Use http://translate.google.com/

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    Do you mean the switches built-in in Trainz 12? If so, use s_rail_leto, s_rail_zima, or TSM Track wood red2 high ballast. Also, use 'ajs track eraser' instead of the invisible track used on the route built into Trainz 12. That track has two bold lines on each side. Use those as rails to determine what it'll look like when the trains pass thru the switches. Also, place the junction of the 'ajs track eraser' at the following points on the switches:
    On the S_ switches, place the junction at the center of the yellow ring, or on the green asterik on the switch.
    On the slip swicthes 'switch 2/11' or 'switch 2/9', place the junctions on each triangle on the switch.
    On the other'switch'es, place the junction at the point on the switch where there are two lines coming under the rails, next to the black box beside the track.
    If you need me to clarify this, post it on this thread.

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    No Rush my friend I'm just simply looking for the tracks that go with the RU Switches. To make it simple if you know andi's switches and go into edit it gives you different track options for example VMD dark brown,gray DP-concrete 00 brown ,blue and the tracks are easy to find on the track menu. I checked out this You Tube video on the animated switches and saw that he had like ten different tracks to choose from such as Concrete N9, N10, N11, N12, N22, etc. I'm looking for those tracks. I don't know the You-Tube video because it was in russian. Thanks

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