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    The tender I need for NKP 587 is in the quoted paragraph. "However, for reasons unknown prior to being put on display the locomotive's original tender was replaced with the larger class of tenders originally designated for the Berkshire class locomotives.[3] 587 was originally equipped with the 16-ton, 10,000 gallon tender used behind USRA 2-8-2s, but in the 1930s, she received a larger 16RA tender used on many NKP engines. This tender carried 19 tons of coal and 16,500 gallons of water. It was identifiable by having a six-wheel truck under the coal bunker and a four-wheel truck under the water cistern. In 1934, Lima Locomotive Works delivered 25 22RA tenders to the NKP for mikados. These tenders were nearly identical to those behind the berkshires (2-8-4) built by Lima. In 1955, 2-8-2 #639 was shopped with a 22RA tender on which the stoker was inoperable, and the railroad switched tenders to keep the #639 running. #587 was displayed in Indianapolis's Broad Ripple Park with the larger 22RA tender in 1955. #639 was retired in 1957 and displayed in Bloomington, IL, with 587's 16RA tender." So, does anybody no where i could find 1? Please?

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    If it's a tender that's basically a clone of the ones used the NKP 2-8-4s, I don't know of anyone who's made of model of that particular tender in Trainz. That's unfortunate, since it's a good example of tender used by various railroads on various sorts of steam locomotives as "upgrades" from smaller tenders during the late-steam era. The Chesapeake & Ohio (C&O) purchased several similar tenders for use as replacements or on new locos, such as on some of their 2-8-2 and 4-6-4 type locomotives. And of course the NKP, Virginian, and the C&O used it on their 2-8-4s.

    There are several of the smaller (coal) tenders, with 4-wheel trucks, that various people have modeled in Trainz, many of them based on U.S.R.A. prototypes. There's not nearly as many larger (coal) tenders, with 6-wheel trucks, available in Trainz. There's a model of the Reading's T1 class 4-8-4's tender, <kuid:262137:90562>, but the prototype held 19,000 gallons of water and 26-tons of coal, so it's a little larger than the particular 16-ton, 16,500-gallon NKP tender you're looking for.
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