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The Realtek built in sound card is fairly good. If you read the thread a couple of audiophiles were unable to distinguish it from other sound cards in blind tests. There are different chip sets but basically the later ones are fairly good. We used to use sound cards years ago to get the sound processing off the CPU for better performance but these days it is not an issue.

Cheerio John
I agree. Creative had gone over the top with all their changes to the hardware and drivers that cause all kinds of issues. I removed my Sound Blaster X-fi and now use the built-in Realtek circuit on my motherboard. Recently I connected my desktop PC to my digital piano to drive some MIDI software and capture the audio on my professional concert-quality Roland LX-17. The previous setup used a Creative Labs based setup and their constant software updates, and changes, and bugs, caused me nothing but trouble. The Realtek works better and I think the sound is better.