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Thread: I'm looking for steam locomotive

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    Default I'm looking for steam locomotive

    Good evening, I look for a locomotive in Trainz like the one in the image, gauge 3 ft.
    It belonged to the railway sappers of the Spanish army, the image is of 1910 or 1920.
    I would appreciate if there exists in Trainz, an indication on where to download it.

    Many thanks in advance and greetings.


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    Hi Javier:
    The narrow gauge locomotive more similar to what you are looking for, is in the DLS, from the author "togog" kuid: 222925
    <kuid2: 222925: 12200: 2> 2-6-0_DRG_3_class35_Shou-wa-no
    <kuid2: 222925: 12300: 2> 2-6-0_DRG_12_class35_Las Animas
    <kuid2: 222925: 12350: 2> 2-6-0_DRG_12_class35_The Animas_tender
    The tender has 3 axes.
    and a repaint on trainzproroutes.org:

    Hola Javier:
    La locomotora de vía estrecha mas parecida a lo que estas buscando está en la DLS , del autor " togog " kuid:222925
    <kuid2:222925:12200:2> 2-6-0_DRG_3_class35_Shou-wa-no
    <kuid2:222925:12300:2> 2-6-0_DRG_12_class35_Las Animas
    <kuid2:222925:12350:2> 2-6-0_DRG_12_class35_Las Animas_tender
    El tender tiene 3 ejes.
    y un repintado en trainzproroutes.org :

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    Muchas gracias amigo Frank, es que me parece un modelo interesante y si los tenderes son muy diferentes siempre puedo hacer uno.

    Saludos compañero.

    Thank you very much, friend Frank, I think it's an interesting model and if the tenders are very different I can always make one.

    Greetings, mate.

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