Witte46. Marc Verherstraeten, RIP


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With sadness I heard the great Belgian content creator Witte46. Marc Verherstraeten
passed away early this month at 76 years of age.
with 1547 items on the DLS and more on various other Belgian and Dutch sites
a hard working great colleague.
He was making the Belgian double deckers (Dostos) when I did the Dutch ones and we both argued and helped each other
condolences to his family, ty for all Marc RIP !
RIP still he leaves a legacy behind.

Is it worth talking very nicely to his executor and see if we can bring more of his models onto the DLS if they are available?

One problem with other sites is they come and go far too often.

This is rough week for our Community,

Second Asset Creator to leave us, I do have some of his Assets, but was unaware of the many he Created for us.

My condolences to his family during this difficult time.

Very sad news indeed. I just now read it in the Trainz Neswletter.
The Belgian and the Dutch Trainz communities are both very small, and Marc was one of the few people that made significant contributions. He also gave us the CMKKS website, and it was in that context that I contacted him a number of times. Hopefully his creations will be available for a long time to come. If the source material is available to someone, they can even be upgraded when necessary. The website has been through some problems recently, but do not know the details.
Thank you, Marc.

Likewise, I've only just seen this and, after the loss of Malcolm, it's a blow to lose another great creator in our game. My thoughts with his family.

Yes, it is sad to here, may he rest in piece and strenght to his family.

The site will remain open since i took it over from marc, and i'm paying for the hosting. We will also try to finish both routes that where in the making. So we can release them as a tribute to marc's great work.
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