Who can help me with some countrylink XPT History regarding Their Motor Refit?



Im looking to learn more about Countylinks Aquisition of the Express passenger Train and why the Paxman Vilanta Engine needed to be Refit before she could be run in Australia, Wether this was the hot climate we expirience here being the only reason the modification to the Engines were needed? Most motors run in an enclosed room needs to have some kind of Fluid Cooling System, Shouldent it? I Emagine where it snows in winter like good ole London town also have a summer like (Forgive my lack of Places of climate references) Hobart, where Temps at least 17 C Nessitate a Cooling liquid for hard working in covered up Loco Engine room?.

Anyway's , Wikipedia gives some Details Exept listing those Specifications that were in the Original British Midland HST. Any Doco Suggestions would be Kidly received too :wave:

Cheers, Jared.