Wagon for transport semi trailers Sdgkkmss Sdgmnss for Trainz


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Where can I find this?

[/URL] caricare immagini[/IMG]
Sorry I didn't see the thread!

Look on the DLS for TTX and container. This might bring up some wagons that suit your needs.

Also check some of the European 3PP (third party provider) sites, from the lettering on the trailer (specifically the "e" on the end of internationale"), start with French, Italian, or Spanish sites, but don't forget the Eastern European 3PP sites..

Yup, I'm with Mjolnir on this one.

Unfortunately, if you're looking for European stuff, theres so much out there thats only hosted on 3rd party sites... You'll need to go trolling the big bad internet to find that kind of car me thinks, assuming a DLS search didn't turn anything up.

I would suggest starting with a google search for "Trainz Download Rolling stock" and whatever type of car that is. Do this in your native language if you're looking for something from your home country. Should turn up something at least. If that doesn't work, there are tons of European creators, notably Polish and Russian, so try keep an eye out for sites like that.

There are a number of European flatcars builtin for TS12. Do as I said in the previous post.