Video Project with Trainz


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I hope this thread doesn't get deleted.

I'm thinking of creating a big video with Trainz. With everyone as the director. If you think this is a good idea, please send me a video clip (no longer than 30 seconds) of your best video in Trainz, or of you explaining what you do or why you like Trainz.

I'm not sure if this is the best Idea, but It's worth a shot.

The video will be hosted on my Youtube (

Just trying something new. :D


PS: Subscribe if you feel like.. I have plenty of Trainz videos.
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:) But.

Hi so what your saying is that a movie should be made of trainz? I could do the track work for the places the trains will pound the steel. And i'm pretty sure chrisracer could help with his routes or maybe even Phil_C might let you film a train of his or even lend a coupple to you Or you could film your MTBA's working their timetables. Hey you might get lucky and going out on a limb Alan Yeomans or Unerved may help-this could be a avertizment and trainz could grow in happy trainzers!!! With permission granted just think of what you could do!!! Dang i have a amtrak P40 and superliners if someone could recreate Detroit , Charlotte , Montreal or some place when it is snowing that would be pretty a amtrak moving in snow i'm sure we could all help. But i don't have any movie making stuff so... PM me if you would like me to help out i could make a screenshot slide show with Windows movie maker. If you where to take some cool pic's (That goes for anyone who wants to do this) That would work to so mabye if you got some cool route makers you could pull this off this huge thing so if i where you i would start PMing some people right now. So do that and check me PM's when i wake up so bye and think about what i said this will be huge but it can be done with lots of time you can do anything you set your mind to. Now with crippled and mangled fingers that need to R.I.P madder of fact i need to R.I.P nice soft bed & soft pillow here i come.
.........Detroit , Charlotte , Montreal or some place when it is snowing..........

Go look-up the CN Holly Sub at It's a prototypical recreation of the CN/ GTW/ Amtrak line from Detroit to Durand, Michigan in the winter time. Made by me :). -Chris: Detroit Trainz