Using the forums


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OK, I admit it, I 'm stumped. Are there help pages for using the forums, or more particularly the advanced search? If so, how do I find them?

What led to the question was that I wanted to do a forum search, where I was looking for "a b" or "c d" but not "e or f". In many contexts, this search request would be organized as

"a b", [+]"c d" -e -f , where the bracketed plus may or may not be optional.

But this doesn't seem to work the way I expected in advanced search in the forums. What did I do wrong? And am I the only one who thinks that having a help page (at least accessible from the advanced search page) would be a useful idea?

Search of this type of forum is... well... let's just say it has a lot of room for improvement.

Better just use google and aim it at this website for better results.
Simple solution, use Google and type this in add your query here. Works a lot better than the useless forum search.